Last semester, I had an opportunity to use the laser cutter/etcher extensively in support of my physical computing final, applications group presentation and just generally to get an idea of how it works. For this project, I want to explore another method of fabrication using the laser.

Strategies & materials I'm interested in:

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 16.54.38

Interlocked Slices: Using 123D Make to make a 3D construction based on 2D slices

Different Materials: Food? Perhaps something related to the NYC restaurant inspection grades

At the moment I'm not entirely sure exactly what I want to make.

A few ideas that I've been working on:


Better lamp shade: I have these super cool LED light bulbs in boring aluminum lamps, it would be awesome to make something new. I've been testing out Rhino trying to build something that slices well using 123D Make.


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