For the Automata Final I want to continue work with split flap displays.

For the midterm, I successfully built and displayed two split flap displays based off this open source design.

I began working with that design and eventually made modifications to improve it's function for my purpose.


  • Timing belt & pulleys instead of gears
  • Sizing to accommodate OpenBeam
  • 3D printed stepper motor mount
  • Hall effect sensor to index cards
  • 3D printed pulley to accommodate maximum width available in the enclosure
  • more cards per wheel (45)

The version presented for the midterm works relatively well and consistently. I've begun fabrication of three more units, so I will present a total of 5 for the final.

I'm still going back on the method of presentation. Two different scenarios continue to be on my mind since we discussed this in class.

In the first the displays are installed as if they are any other information display, without explanation.

In the second the user is invited to complete an ad lib story using their interpretation of the icons found on the displays.

The biggest challenge I'm having at the moment is selecting new icons and finding black polypropylene to laser cut. I'm going today to buy a white sheet, cut and attempt spray painting it. Who knew something so simple would be the hardest part to find?

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