Presentation about my midterm proposal:





Currently I'm working on the motion control assembly. In my haze of haunted house, I ordered the opposite bore size from what I needed. So the big pulley has a 6mm bore when it should be 3mm and the stepper motor pulley is 3mm when it should be 6mm. Naturally this purchase was from the place with a 25% restocking fee and a relatively expensive shipping fee.

I prototyped with MakerBot made pulleys and the large one works fine. I was even able to trim off some of the size so I don't need to modify the front opening. The smaller one might not have enough resolution. I will try printing a few more versions to see if that's a viable option. Unfortunately printing with perfect detail with the SLS Objet at AMS will likely cost more than buying the new pulleys. Still, it's pretty encouraging.

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