Getting started with Circuit Design now that I'm back at ITP. This week we were instructed to try out the microscope.

I tried both the traditional microscope and a nifty little USB scope. At first I tried to hand draw some of the samples… pen and paper have never been my friend. It's difficult to capture all the detail.

Microscope Discoveries

Mint under microscope
Altoid mint – It still appears smooth even under navigation. The edge and the indent for the A captured my attention.

Cut under microscope
Skin cut – This is a cut on the top of my hand at the knuckle. I'm not exactly sure when I cut myself.

iPhone charge port
iPhone Charge port – It's kind of shocking just how dirty my iPhone is. And it reminds me of this:

Knife – The knife seems to collect lint from my pocket. And all the sticky tape from opening boxes doesn't help. I believe that's also a mustache hair.

EAGLE schematic

I built the op-amp in Eagle and started to play around with the light theremin circuit. The circuit we built for the light theremin in class is pretty different from the one we built in class.

op-amp circuit

I think I want to start building an led PWM controller circuit integrating the LightBlue bean with logic level MOSFETs. I built this circuit down in Florida on a breadboard but it would be neat to make it a printed board. That's my idea until inspiration strikes.

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