Finally! I've been eyeing the CNC since last semester, intimidated by its loud wurrr and spinning bit.

But Dd had a problem that only the CNC could solve. A serious one. Standing next to Will and me she felt like she needed a boost. She needed stilts. So we set off on getting us all to see eye to eye.

Zipcar Prince Lumber

We had a little bit of a tough start trying to get wood. Dd encountered the horrors of the bus lane, we discovered plywood doesn't fit on a Toyota Camry. In the end Zipcar saved the day, providing both instant gratification and costing less than Prince Lumber's delivery charge.

Stilts in Vectorworks

In the mean time, Will began to draft our design in Vectorworks. We discussed a few different methods of construction and settled on making drill holes to bolt together layers of ply. The precision of the CNC ensured that the holes would line up.

Then it came time to fight with Mastercam. Thankfully we were able to navigate the dysfunctional interface, even using the 'drill' feature that I'm not sure we discussed in class.

When we placed our plywood on the CNC bed we discovered that the suction wasn't holding the wood in place. Tak suggested we inspect and clean the bed, which was pretty matted in saw dust. We got the base MDF to stay but the plywood wouldn't stay sucked on. With a few quick screws, everything was secure.

IMG_3236 IMG_3238

The actual cutting took about an hour and a half, in the future I think we could increase the cut speed for this material.


Success! Everything bolted together well. They aren't exactly sturdy, but we are going to try using a rubber material to give the stilts more traction.


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