We are making great progress in making our wind turbine produce more energy.

Unfortunately, we also seem to be really good at making windy days suddenly calm. As we were testing our updates yesterday, we kept placing the turbine in a windy area only to find that the wind stopped suddenly.

Improvement Updates


The blades have been cut and bent to allow air to still be caught but not get stuck in the blade, slowing everything down. We think. It seems like this new design has been a good improvement.

Kinetic Energy to Electricity

The pulley system was not providing any advantages. In fact, we were seeing less open circuit voltage than when we were using acrylic gears.

We are testing making gears out of Delrin.


While testing, people in Washington Square Park and the Hudson River Pathway had very positive responses.

Presentation Outline

  • Recap of Midterm idea
  • Discoveries, lessons learned and energy generated
  • New use concept for final turbine
  • Changes and testing implemented
  • Final results

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