In Interpretive Exhibition Design we learned that most exhibitions are in development for years. In fact, it might take two years to go from concept to execution. For our final, we developed an exhibition proposal in two weeks, including fabricating a scale model!

Working with Asli and Jasmine, we developed Sandy, the City & Climate Change intended for Gallery 77 at the American Museum of Natural History. Without budget as a concern, we worked to use emerging technologies to provide an immersive and personal experience for visitors.

Taking inspiration from IBM THINK and World's Fair style expositions, Sandy, the City & Climate Change is an exciting exploration of future of New York City and climate change in general.

Take a look at our presentation book here.

Building the Model

This was our first time building models. I quickly learned I'm not very good at cutting straight lines. Thankfully, the laser cutter came to the rescue.Building the Model

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