We are making big progress on the construction of our interactive exhibit.

Current Status

Acrylic Laser Etching

I've tested laser etching the acrylic for the brain function areas. Hannah painted them so we could see how the text looks.

IMG_3370IMG_3388 IMG_3387

Fabrication of the Base Structure

I'm not an expert in this category at all. Hannah get's all the credit for figuring out how to make everything fit together. She was kind enough to teach me about her fabrication procedures.



CNC of Round Corners & Testing for Brain Areas

I used the CNC to cut the rounded corner parts and a jig for hannah to use. Jigsaws and I don't get along. That's a long story for another night. I also cut tests to see how deep we should pocket the plywood to stick the acrylic in.

IMG_3520 IMG_3529

Development of Handle for Plugs

I went to great lengths to obtain a student copy of Solidworks. Which they make incredibly difficult. I spent some time learning how to model and, for whatever reason, I find it easier than rhino. After we learned that the ITP AMS fund was nearly depleted, we decided to construct a model for fabrication by shapeways.

My modeling skills still need a bit of finesse.  Xuedi ended up building the final model, which looks much better than my phallic version.Handhold ModelThe version on the top is hers. The version on the bottom is mine. We also decided to switch from magnets to 1/4" phone connectors, so that accounts for the difference in the bottom.



Electronic Circuit

I finally got the last 3 LED controllers in today. The only part left is the ribbon cable to connect them all together. The circuit is now working. Brett helped discover the need for pull-up resistors to make everything work. We are now using 1/4" phone connectors. This is a much better solution because they are designed to be plugged in and removed and it's easy to solder a resistor into the socket.

What's Next

  • CNC pocket the plywood play area – Thursday
  • Laser etch and cut play area shapes – This weekend
  • Build enclosure for electronics – This weekend
  • Assemble electronics – This weekend

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