12 floors. 2 elevators. Two really old elevators. That's the experience of entering the building where ITP lives.

Waiting for the elevator sucks, being jammed in the elevator like sardines isn't much fun either. By the time you reach your floor, subconsciously at least, you might be a little agitated.

Unfortunately there isn't too much we can do about replacing the elevators and I'm pretty sure people past the 4th floor don't want to walk up the stairs. [undoubtedly, if able, everyone benefits from using the stairs - but lets pretend that isn't true]

But what if the elevator ride itself could be more fun? Like a party! Or a moment of zen! 

That's why Allie and me want to make the actual ride of the elevator better.

Goal: An unexpected experience that changes the mood of elevator riders.

For the midterm, we want to get the basic concept working solidly. And we have lots of ideas on how to enhance the experience later.

The Experience

  • You'll enter the elevator as you normally do and the lighting will be as similar as to what is currently found as possible.
  • As the elevator begins to move, the lighting will transition into deep hues and an associated short soundtrack will play
  • When the elevator reaches a floor, the lights will fade back to white and the music will fade out
  • As the elevator begins to move again, a new soundtrack & lighting scheme will begin

How it Works

  • Movement will be detected by an accelerometer
  • An MP3 Shield will provide music and a set of digital LED strips will allow us to control every light pixel individually, producing a fluid mix of colors

Circuit Diagram

Elevator Mockup

Parts List

The parts list includes things that we might use for future enhancements. Or sooner if everything goes swimmingly.

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