I explored the Times Square Subway Station & re-explored the Grand Central Dining Concourse originally observed by Christina & Andy.

Noticing Observation Assignment (PDF)

Noticing Observation Assignment

Experience Summary

Based on the data from Christina + Andy, the transient nature of subway stations is confirmed. I was surprised that they also noticed a large number of people using the handrails, but small in comparison to the total number of visitors. I recall seeing signs from the MTA warning about trip and fall accidents. Their idea of some type of feedback, auditory or visual for using the handrail might be a great way to encourage people to be more careful using the steps. Few people seemed interested in responding to the music of street performers in this area of the subway. I was surprised by this, I’ve seen large groups surrounding artists in the Union Square station. Perhaps this was because they were using a boombox instead of making original music?

Possible Projects

  • Visual installations that take account of traffic flow, perhaps similar to what’s installed in the Bleecker street subway lights
  • Encouraging people to use of handrails while going up the stairs – although neither team saw anyone fall, the wet steps are dangerous
  • Injected smells, especially in the summer. I recall that this area has a tendency to get very hot, it would be interesting if different parts of the day were different smells instead of Subway filth. Would anyone notice or respond?
    • Crisp Pine: Mornings
    • Caramel: Lunchtime
    • Campfire: Evenings

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