I'll be the first one to admit that Amazon is kind of magic. Order something in New York it's at your door in less than 48 hours, often even faster than that.

Amazon Web Services quietly powers hundreds of the apps on my phone, delivers Netflix, and works diligently to figure out how to ensure I'll make that next purchase.

There isn't anything inherently wrong with all this. Amazon has discovered how to frictionlessly fulfill life.

When I saw the Amazon Echo, the device that constantly listens and uses the "cloud" to figure out what you want, I thought about who would purchase the product. It's not Amazon's first product that provides utility but also lubricates the purchase process.

This week I made (my first) Chrome extension to bring Prime Everywhere. It's intended for every Amazon Prime customer as another frictionless purchase route. Perhaps this is an extension of the A to Z guarantee that you can buy anything on Amazon.


My original concept was for the extension to select prime eligible products based on page content. Trying to work with the Amazon product API I ran into a couple roadblocks.

Eventually I was trying to transmit keywords from the extension to a Node server to call the Amazon product API. But I quickly ran into rate limits and was having difficulty returning the data into the page in a successful manner.

The second method I tried was to open new tabs with items and that wasn't working well either.

I attempted to randomly select words all around the page and position them for Amazon search. This was disappointing because I would often pull words like "the" or "of" which weren't interesting at all.

I do like the intermixed "Buy On Amazon" links everywhere. Even when you're on Amazon. Sometimes they just seem natural. I just want them to have more meaning.




The current version offers headers for purchase on Amazon. When you click "Buy On Amazon" which is injected into pages after headers you are redirected to a Amazon search page with the terms in the header. Sometimes this produces interesting results, sometimes not.

I'm not particularly happy with the final result, but I need to spend more time understanding javascript and the methods of Chrome extensions to make a more engaging experience.

Code here.



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