I Will Text With Anyone


Initially I was thinking of ways of developing the classic 'String Telephone.' You likely made one as a kid, using two paper cups and, well, a string.

string and paper cups

This one is pretty neat because it's half duplex but also realtime… you can't talk while you listen. However, it doesn't work very well with a lot of surrounding noise. And it's rarely quiet in New York.

My second concept was to look at texting, since it's become my and most people's main mode of electronic communication. As I was thinking about my dog who lives in Florida, I also thought about the BarkBox ads that have popped up around the city and Texts From Dog. Which made me think it would have been a lot more interesting if they were presented in the perspective of the dog.

I wanted to see how folks would respond, over text, to a dog they don't know. Would they try to figure out what human was on the other end? Play along? Respond at all?


I Will Text With Anyone About Anything

The flier is relatively simple and playful. I placed them in a few locations in Williamsburg and one on the ITP floor.


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