If I had to choose one type of visual language as my favorite, by far it would be signs. At the risk of exposing my signgeek-ness, I wrote blog post posted about some of my favorites in the past.

Themed Exit Signs at Epcot

New menus at Chipotle, electronic movie signs at AMC & safety signs at Tokyo Disney Sea

Unsuccessful Signage

For the assignment this week, I found a number of confusing, unprofessional or unsuccessful signs:

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I decided to redesign a promotional sign from my local Starbucks back in California that was advertising a new Facebook page. In the groggy pre-coffee haze of the morning, I found the use of highlighter particularly gratuitous.

The new version of this sign takes the Starbucks brand standards into account; I'm using various weights of the type family Gotham & the brand color scheme. I debated including the Facebook logo and eventually decided it didn't match the style of signage at the store. The language is also adjusted to follow the copy style seen in Starbucks email communications and other signs at the store.

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