This week, we are exploring the use of typography. Finding typefaces that define your personality is surprisingly difficult. In the stuff I post, I almost exclusively use sans serif type and I noticed that my favorite sans serif typefaces (Gotham, Futura & Interstate) all are surprisingly similar. Each is geometric, clean & efficient without a lot of additonal flurish.

In trying to understand why I like these types of typefaces, I did a little research about  about Gotham on wikipedia,

The lettering that inspired this typeface originated from the style of 1920s era sans-serifs like Futura, where "Type, like architecture, like the organization of society itself, was to be reduced to its bare, efficient essentials, rid of undesirable, local or ethnic elements." This theme was found frequently in Depression-era type in both North America and Europe, particularly Germany.[4] This simplification of type is characterized by Frere-Jones as "not the kind of letter a type designer would make. It's the kind of letter an engineer would make. It was born outside the type design in some other world and has a very distinct flavor from that."[2]

So perhaps I feel they represent a part of my personality that appreciates efficiency, organization and a no-nonsense way of life. Or maybe I'm just boring. :)

When it came to selecting serif typefaces, I was drawn to slab serifs. I selected Museo Slab, Enriqueta & FF Prater Serif.

Defining myself in Typorgraphy

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Expressive Words

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