RGB, HSB, CMYK, oh my!

This week we looked at color theory. It's amazing how much you can say with just a color.

I took the color hue test and did pretty well (but wasn't perfect):


I spent some time exploring ways to make a color composition. I ended up using this as an opportunity to learn more about processing. In ICM, we are exploring objects and polymorphism. It's neat stuff although I'm not yet sure about how I'll utilize it for projects that aren't homework.

For the color composition, I started with the orange color of my blog. Initially my sketch made simple squares with different hues as they got smaller.

Applying the concepts of ArrayLists & polymorphism I took the design more abstract with a set of repetitive rotations & translations.

This quickly got out of control. Scaling back the movement and using push/pop matrix I got something that was more controllable. It also seemed like it would be fun to do more than a static design. I added keyboard entry to allow the user to choose the type of shape and the method in which he/she wanted to change the color. Processing still isn't my strength, but I think this code makes some pretty neat looking designs.




Although that was the assignment, the fun in this sketch is when you start to combine shapes. Also in the gallery below are a few of the earlier versions.

[gallery columns="4" exclude="410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 427" size="full"]

Things to improve

  • Certainly the interface could be better
  • Different types of movement

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