I spent a significant amount of time trying to get  the new version of Open CV to work with Processing b2. That was a fruitless effort and I'm relatively certain the multiple ways I attempted to install the libraries and system utilities will eventually require me to reformat my computer. So that sucked.

Thanks to the help of some classmates on Facebook I was able to get the old Open CV working with the old version of Processing.

I also spent some time playing with the kinect. That was an oddly effortless experience. But I had set it up before.


I played with these tools in hopes of finding a relatively simple way to track the number of people who are standing in an elevator. In PComp, our midterm project is about creating an unexpected experience while the elevator is moving. If we could track the rough number of people in the elevator, we could build different music & light sequences when the elevator is full or only a single person was riding.

It turns out that blob detection is incredibly moody & face detection won't really  work well from the viewpoint of a security camera. Perhaps a ceiling mounted Kinect would be another option?

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