Jon and I have been working to make incremental updates to the wind turbine. We've built new blades and acquired new materials to test.

Reframed Use

During the excursion to Washington Square Park, we spent some time talking about what to do next with the turbine. While we would love to continue to explore uses of the waist air cased by the movement of the subway, it's hard to test because we don't want to upset the MTA or Police. Somehow the topic of the marathon came up and cheering for runners. Jon came up with the idea of using wind to power a cheer for everyday moments. Sometimes when you're walking down the street, a random complement or encouragement can make your entire day better. The wind turbine powered cheering machine is meant to be  a playful and unexpected interaction.

New Materials

Design Changes

  • New base with location for electronics to be mounted
  • New smaller blades
  • New blade attachments (because I broke them) 

What We've Done

  • Recut all plexiglas materials
  • Cut new blades
  • 3D printed pulleys
  • Received all parts but belts
  • Recorded cheering
  • Tested wind speeds on the street (not good on 'nice days')

Potential Problems & Proposed Solutions

  • Pulley system not working – return to gears using Delrin
  • Not enough power generated for Arduino + Amp – run audio off of battery operated MP3 Player or iPhone
  • Not enough wind – use battery as backup and place turbine in more windy place for charging

What's Next

  • Assemble new cut parts – Monday 15th
  • Build circuit – Monday 15th
  • Test energy measurements – TBD
  • Choose install location – TBD
  • Record more cheering – TBD



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